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Every one of our relationships begins with a FREE assessment. We collaborate with you on a roadmap to bring your current digital content to a higher standard and assist you in generating any new digital content. Not a Revit expert? No problem. That is our job, and we have the tools to assist you throughout the entire process.

Ricca Technoogy Assessment Service
Ricca Technology Standardization Service
Ricca Technology Content Creation Service


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We understand foodservice equipment and every project starts with a complimentary assessment.

If you already have a list of equipment with correlating digital content, that's wonderful. If you don't, we will compile one for you. 

We'll figure out what needs to be built, what needs to be updated or fixed, and what is already perfect.

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Accurate Revit content is critical to your customers' success.


We will bring all your content up to the high level that your customers expect. We will talk about what items might be missing from content delivery platforms, and what options could provide more value to your customers.


You customize and prioritize what you want and in what order.

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Like standardizing your existing content, new content should meet and exceed industry standards.


A quality library of digital content encourages designers to use your products.


In today’s fast paced design and construction workflows, it is essential that designers have access to all your digital content and be confident that it will work within the BIM environment.

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